Maya Kihara
Japanese Name 木原麻耶
Romaji Translation Kihara Maya
Appears in Light Novel, Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Nonaka Ai
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 17
Eyes Color Dark Red
Hair Color Brown
Status Active

Maya is a female student in Ryūji's class who often hangs out with Nanako and Ami.


She has a brown hair and dark red eyes. She is a kogal, which mean she usually wears loose socks to school every day.


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She is first seen in chapter 4 of the light novels/manga and episode 2 of the anime, when she pairs up with Yūsaku Kitamura for basketball warmup. She has a crush on Yūsaku, and she circuitously opposes the idea of Taiga and Yūsaku being a couple, and wants Taiga and Ryūji to be together.