Yasuko Takasu
Japanese Name 高須泰子
Romaji Translation Takasu Yasuko
Debut (Anime) Toradora! Episode 01
Appears in Light Novel, Manga, Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Ōhara Sayaka
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 32
Eyes Color Brown
Hair Color Blond
Title Ya-chan
Status Active
Yasuko Takasu is the mother of Ryuuji, although she is a minor character major assumptions can be drawn from her character. Throughout the anime she is known to come home drunk and tired from work. She dresses in tight clothing and one can assume she is a hostess or something similiar.

She is also clutsy and never entirely in this world as she is usually half asleep. She depends on Ryuuji entirely for cooking and cleaning, although she gives him some encouraging advice to help his relationship with Taiga. She is very child-like, but can be a responsible mother every now and then. She is known to Taiga as Ya-chan.

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